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Foot reflexology

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

Foot reflexology is a technique that uses the stress of specific areas of the foot to restore the physical and emotional balance of the body. Let's not forget that the foot is our root, our movement in the world and the map of our interiority, and from it start thousands of nerve endings that stimulate the brain so that it can give an energetic input to our organs to re-establish the perfect energetic balance.

It's amazing how our minds and emotions are linked to our physical well-being. Accumulating stress, anxiety and worries can cause our body multiple symptoms of discomfort and even holding back emotions (joy, anger, sadness, fear) can compromise the correct functioning of our organs. Everything we somatize can find relief in FOOT REFLEXOLOGY to regenerate healthy energy of: MIND-BODY-SPIRIT.

I'll list just "some" of its benefits:
• calms anxiety and stress
• fights insomnia by facilitating relaxation and rest
• reduces nausea, vomiting, digestive difficulties, constipation
• relieves cramps, muscle pain and stiffness, migraines
• fights all psychosomatic disorders: apathy, discouragement, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, low self-esteem, excessive worry
• stimulates the immune, lymphatic and circulatory systems

Foot reflexology in pediatric age
Foot Reflexology in pediatric age is an excellent NATURAL REMEDY to combat the various psychosomatic disorders that can unbalance the well-being of our children: anxiety, insecurity, insomnia, restlessness, fear, worry... because the serenity of our children is consequently the our.
The relaxing massage in pediatric age is a pleasant pampering of well-being for our children as it gives physical and mental well-being.

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Decontracting massage

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

The decontracting massage is a type of massage whose purpose is to loosen and relax muscle contractures which can occur for many causes: wrong postures, prolonged hours sitting at the PC or in the car, too intense sporting activity without giving the body time to recover or even carried out completely incorrectly.

CONTRACTURE is an involuntary contraction of the muscle, a defensive act that occurs when the muscle tissue is stressed beyond its physiological tolerance limit. The most affected areas can be: the trapezius, the neck, the shoulders, the paravertebrals, the shoulder blades, the calves. The subject affected by a contracture feels a modest and widespread pain along the affected muscle area and the hypertonia is perceived quite clearly. The masseur identifies the contractures and applies friction on the affected area to heat the muscle tissue and pressure on them to relax them; for this reason the decontracting massage can be painful but already from the first session, you can notice a discreet improvement and a feeling of relief.

THE BENEFITS: eliminates muscle tension and stiffness, releases contractures and brings more oxygen to the muscles. Indicated for contractures and cervical pain. ​

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Anti-cellulite massage

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

Cellulite has always been the No. 1 enemy of women. This is not a simple skin blemish, but rather a real pathology called "Edemato Fibro-Sclerotic Panniculopathy", a degenerative disorder of the subcutaneous adipose tissue (panniculum) which manifests itself with depressions or holes which give the skin the so-called "orange peel appearance".

A valid shock action is certainly the anti-cellulite massage which, thanks to the alternation of slow and energetic movements, the pressure of the fingers and knuckles acts in depth, energetically stimulating the connective tissue, reactivating the tissues. With kneading techniques, cellulite blocks are dissolved, with circulatory movements the circulation and metabolism are stimulated.
This results in tissue oxygenation and an increase in collagen production which will guarantee the skin a smooth and elastic appearance. Finally, with draining techniques, the lymphatic system will be stimulated, promoting the elimination of excess liquids and waste. Already from the first sessions, you will notice the first results: deflated legs, smoother skin, decrease in the circumference of the thighs. This treatment can be performed not only on the lower limbs, but also on the hips, buttocks, stomach and arms.

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Vodder lymphatic draining massage

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

Manual lymphatic drainage is one of the main treatments that provide considerable efficiency to the body's lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage or manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is an advanced therapeutic technique developed in Europe by Dr. Emil Vodder.
It is a type of gentle massage that aims to promote natural lymph drainage and has a powerful relaxing and calming effect on the body. The masseur exercises gentle, slow, circular and rhythmic movements to move the accumulations of lymph and accompany the latter to the discharge stations. The cleansing of the body's tissues from metabolic waste, excess water, bacteria, large protein molecules and toxins is achieved; this includes long-term drug use and harmful or toxic substances that have entered the body through long exposure to them or by ingesting them.

MLD is very effective in counteracting the body's inflammatory response following trauma (such as sprains or fractures), in the treatment of acute and chronic edema (lymphedema and lipedema), venous insufficiency, dermatological conditions, circulatory disorders, surgical interventions, ulcerations and injuries. The Vodder lymphatic drainage massage, in addition to the benefits it has on the lymphatic system, stimulates and activates our immune system. ​

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Total Body Relaxing massage

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

Total body massage is one of the best ways to relax the body and regenerate the mind.
Slow movements and the delicacy of touch are able to induce the body into a state of deep relaxation and distance the mind from negative thoughts, stimulating the production of endorphins (feel-good hormones).
It is certainly a pleasant relaxing cuddle that we can give ourselves to eliminate stress from everyday life!

Here are five of the benefits of Relaxing Massage:
1) The first is relaxation to improve sleep. The evening sessions will benefit the client to allow a better quality of sleep during the night, thus helping the body to regenerate and recover energy more effectively.
2) The second advantage is the improvement of muscle tone. This benefit will help lethargic muscles and help restore the strength and vitality of a body that has lost muscle tone due to sedentary lifestyle and inactivity caused by pain in the previous months.
3) A third benefit will be improving "mental clarity" following a long and tiring period of pain. A relaxing massage session can increase mindfulness and relieve mental stress.
4) Relief from migraine attacks is the fourth benefit a customer can receive. Improving blood flow to the brain can relieve the physical source of the headache.
5) A fifth benefit is to decrease the effects of anxiety or depression.

The relaxing total body massage is recommended for therapeutic purposes for clients suffering from fibromyalgia.

Relaxing massage in pediatric age
The relaxing massage in pediatric age is certainly a pleasant pampering of well-being for our children which, in addition to giving benefits to the muscles, increases concentration, fights migraines, constipation, insomnia, regenerates the mind, restores good mood and recharge of positive energy.

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Anti-fatigue leg massage

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

The anti-fatigue massage is used to relieve tiredness, both physical and mental, reactivating circulation and promoting tissue oxygenation.

In the sports field it finds particular application following intense training or competitions. In fact, following athletic performance, the organism finds itself in a condition of stress determined by multiple concomitant factors. Two types of fatigue are generated: central and peripheral. In addition to consuming glycogen and other energy resources, muscle tissue accumulates waste during activity and is subject to the action of free radicals, by-products of energy metabolism. Furthermore, repeated contractions can generate contractures and stiffness.

A well-performed anti-fatigue massage can speed up physiological muscular and metabolic recovery. ​

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Relaxing back massage

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

Back massage is a highly requested relaxing treatment, as it dissolves muscular tension in the back, neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, relieves the mind of stress and relieves joint pain, giving a pleasant sensation of psychophysical well-being.

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Foot Massage massage

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

Foot massage is not a reflexology massage, but rather a relaxing massage of the entire foot and a relaxing massage of the plantar area.

The massage is performed after a pleasant and regenerating detox foot bath (in summer in cold water and in winter in hot water). Indicated for swollen, painful, tired feet, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, anxious states.

Immediate benefits: it relieves inflammation, deflates the extremities of the feet and ankles, removes stagnant liquids, stimulates venous circulation and the lymphatic system. Cleanses from toxins. ​

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Hot Stone massage

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

Hot stone is a holistic massage that treats the mind, body and spirit. The therapeutic action of this massage is achieved thanks to stones of volcanic origin which slowly release heat. The stones are accompanied by a relaxing massage with essential oils. The stones heated in a special oven are positioned on different parts of the body, corresponding to the seven chakras.

The word chakra, in Sanskrit, means "wheel, circle or disk" and is used to represent the energy centers of our body, which have the task of receiving and distributing our vital energy. In addition to the relaxing effect, the heat of the stones has a decontracting, vasodilating power and improves blood circulation. It is therefore recommended in case of contractures and stiffness, muscle pain and circulation problems.
It has lymphatic drainage capabilities and relieves pain in cases of arthrosis, rheumatic and arthritic pain, lumbar and cervical pain, improves joint mobility and increases metabolism. It also brings benefits to the tissues: thanks to the heat and exfoliating action of the stones, the skin will be deeply cleansed and the body's detoxification will be stimulated.

After a hot stone massage treatment you feel a regenerating state of psychophysical well-being which generates a good mood, reduces the sense of tiredness, reduces stress and gives positivity.

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Flat Stomach massage

Maria Guida's treatments are carried out in a professional manner

Belly massage can help you lose weight because it helps eliminate constipation, promotes correct diuresis and stimulates the metabolism which generally works at a slow pace.

Belly massage, therefore, can help stimulate the natural metabolic functions of our body. This has a further positive effect: it reduces the accumulation of harmful or toxic substances within the body which are the basis of annoying abdominal swelling, the cause of discomfort and blemishes.

After having favored the purification of the entire abdomen, the masseur practices kneading and draining maneuvers of the hips and the belly itself, to dissolve the accumulations of fat and cellulite blocks. ​

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My motto: “The time you dedicate to yourself is never wasted time!”

Hello everyone, my name is Maria Guida, I was born in Caserta in October 1979 and I have lived in Tuscany since 2010. After purely technical studies and professions related to my accountancy diploma, in 2019 I became passionate about alternative medicine as a natural remedy for any physical or mental disorder.

A vast world that I soon fell in love with to the point of enrolling in the prestigious Diabasi Professional Massage School with its main headquarters in Florence. I obtained a two-year diploma in Foot Reflexology and then expanded my training in the field of wellness.